Men’s watches are generally distinguished from ladies’ watches by their size – ladies’ watches are smaller than men’s watches, with more detailed finishes. Men’s watches also tend to be endowed with more features. Some ladies’ watches are more ornamental, decorated with precious stones and other decorative elements.

What Are The Tips And Guidelines For Choosing A Formal Men’s Watch?

The role of a formal watch like rolex day date is to complement the look you are wearing on formal occasions or at business meetings. Thus, the watch must match your clothing. These little tips will help you in your choice:

  • Size – Formal watches should be thin enough to slip under your shirt cuff.
  • Bracelet – The skin will always be the best choice. It is elegant, sophisticated, and will always be a trend.
  • Display – Less is more. A white clock decorated with simple Roman numerals combines elegance with sobriety. And these exist in several different models.
  • Box – Round, square, or rectangular. The shape doesn’t matter if the box is gold or silver.

What Kind Of Watch Goes With Everything?

As with shoes, there are pretty different watch models, more adapted than others for some occasions, some circumstances. Indeed, you’re not going to a sneaker work meeting. The same goes for your watch: avoid pairing a bulky military watch with your pretty shirt.

But what if business meetings don’t happen every day? Is there a clock that works all the time? Yes, the formal watch. A formal watch is as elegant as it is multipurpose. This will be the watch you will choose to wear on formal occasions (weddings, job interviews, first dates), but this watch will also go great with jeans and a t-shirt for a weekend getaway. And if you only wear a watch, then you might as well flaunt a little more, right?

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