Every season we discuss essential clothing and accessory items for men, and this winter is not an exception. For many it might seem that looking stylish while also being warm and comfortable is impossible, so they prefer to wear thin overcoats and cropped pants and to catch colds rather than to think outside the box and find more acceptable attire for these months. If you want to look good and stay cozy this season, here are 5 things that you should have in your wardrobe.

Puffer jackets

Wool coats are of course very elegant and look great on photos, but let’s face it they can’t protect you from the cold as well as a puffer jacket can. These jackets are back in style and for a good reason, since they are insulating and practical. Choose a long jacket if you live in a cold area or a shorter, thinner one if the winters in your region are not as harsh. When it comes to colors, blue and black are the classic options, but white and even red can work greatly too.

Crew neck sweaters

A crew neck sweater is obviously a classic, but this winter it is more popular than ever. Warm and comfortable, it is everything you’d need for a snowy day in the city or a cold evening in a cabin in the mountains. White, beige, and navy are the colors to go for, and wool, especially Merino or alpaca is the best fabric to take into consideration. Browse Tara Irish Clothing knitwear selection for classic crew neck Irish sweaters for men that will create the perfect outfit for winter 2021-2022.

Winter trousers

The days where we would wear thin cropped jeans are thankfully in the past, so now that we’re all adults, it’s time to listen to what our moms used to tell us and to get a pair of thick, warm winter trousers. When it comes to these garments, it’s better to pay a little more for a pair that is made of high quality fabric such as wool, cashmere, or at least dense cotton, because they will keep you warmer and be more comfortable. As for the designs, choose whatever matches your preferences, but make sure that fits you well, thus having a better insulation.

Leather boots

Please leave your sneakers for the better, sunnier days, and purchase a pair of qualitative leather boots. These won’t only protect your feet from the cold, but also from the snow, rain, and mud that is an inevitable part of this season. If for ethical reasons you refuse to wear leather, there are some great options of boots made of synthetic materials and in combination with a special waterproof shoes spray they will be just as good as the leather ones.

Wool accessories

A scarf, a hat, and a pair of mittens are must haves for every winter. Invest in some classic knitted ones and they will easily last for a few seasons. These days, there are plenty of these accessories on the market, from touchscreen gloves that help you use your phone without freezing your hands to all kinds of colorful knitted beanies that you can wear to stand out and show off your style. Point is, during these cold three months, it is totally possible to look good while staying warm.

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