Rolex has several research facilities that aid with the study, as well as the design of their watches. They additionally work with the best study groups to operate in their labs.

For instance, the company utilizes specialists in chemistry to research the different types of lubes and oils that are utilized during the watchmaking procedure.

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This is simply one area in which they utilize highly trained professionals and researchers to make certain their watches are among the best in the world.

Rolex has not only four manufacturing locations in Switzerland; however, additionally a lab where screening and quality control takes place. The Rolex Central Research laboratory utilizes an electron microscopic lens to detect any kind of imperfection. The devices utilized can pinpoint even slight distortions of color or contamination in metal.

Quality metals need to go through resistance, as well as rubbing screening. Acquiring as well as maintaining the equipment required for these processes can be pricey.

The Rolex manufacturing plant additionally has an advanced automated supply system. They have about 60,000 storage space systems and a comprehensive rail network that transportation things directly to workstations. This system transports approximately 2,800 things per hour.

This complex process ensures that the production of each watch is performed on a rigorous schedule. Logistically, the precision of this computerized supply system is nearly as amazing as the complete item.

Rolex Utilizes Expensive Steels

The materials that are utilized in each Rolex are of the highest quality. Besides generating their own gold, Rolex utilizes the best steel.

For instance, Rolex normally uses 904L steel. This specific sort of steel is better than the majority of the various other types that are utilized even for luxury watches.

Various other brands commonly utilize 316L steel, which is cheaper. The 904L steel is harder, shinier, and overall, of higher quality. This is one of the contributing aspects that make the watch so pricey.

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