OK, now that we know what gin is, let’s jump into this malleable spirit’s past. There’s certainly a huge number of details to go over if you want a thorough history of gin, but for all intents, as well as functions, you’ll simply require to know the following broad strokes. As an amateur bartender, if you have this quick history down pat, you’ll be able to impress anyone you’re making drinks for, whether they be close friends or bar patrons.


The beginning of the gin story starts with a distilled malt wine called jenever, or genever, which was created in the Netherlands in the 13th century. As Wikipedia notes, the earliest understood composed referral to genever shows up in the 13th-century encyclopedic job Der Naturen Bloeme. This drink wasn’t something you’d wish to order at a bar, nonetheless; it was 50% ABV as well as was generally used as a drug to ameliorate gout pain, gallstones, and kidney conditions, seem like the ideal congratulatory beverage, appropriate. Due to the super-harsh taste of this liquor/gout treatment, producers began to instill it with natural herbs, as well as flavors, including juniper berries, which were thought to likewise have medical homes.

Dive ahead to the Netherlands in the 1600s, and that’s when you obtain a surge in the appeal of gin, it had not been called “gin” quite yet, but it was distilled alcohol instilled with juniper flavors, so it was the real bargain regardless. Throughout this century the Dutch began erecting tons of distilleries to generate the botanical spirit, with hundreds of them built in Amsterdam alone. However, it had not been only the Dutch that were starting to understand this agricultural spirit’s capacity at this point, the British were having their own little awakening to the world of gin, as well as it was many thanks to the blood, as well as fight.

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