The COVID19 pandemic delayed the high school and college graduations of millions of students. Thankfully, that nightmare is over. The class of ’22 is preparing to graduate in style. Now more than ever, students must realize the importance of rituals and celebrations. A key custom that almost all graduates follow is the practice of sending custom graduation invitations and announcements.

They send these custom cards to inform and invite loved ones to their special days. Announcements help students announce their achievements to a large group of people, especially their loved ones. On the other hand, students use graduation invites to invite a select group of people to their big graduation days. Let’s explore the best graduation invitations and announcements for 2022.

Creating the Best Graduation Invites in 2022

Graduates are lining up to celebrate their big days. There are also many sellers of customizable invitations and announcements ready to help these students. Students can easily find a reliable seller of graduation invitations 2022. With these sellers, they can custom-print all types of details in their invitations. Your graduation invitation card can feature all types of designs and custom artwork. But, it must include a few basic details such as –

  • The graduating class year
  • The student’s name
  • The date/time of the graduation ceremony
  • The location of the graduation ceremony
  • RSVP details

The wording used in these invitational cards should be in line with the event. Typically, high-school graduation invites are not too formal. Students must also send out these invitations at least a month in advance. Giving the recipients enough time to plan their attendance is very important.

Creating the Best Graduation Announcements in 2022

Students get all the freedom to customize their high school formal graduation announcements. They can include various details and design elements in these announcement cards. But, including the following design elements is very important –

  • High-quality graduation photos (taken prior to the graduation day)
  • The full name (first, middle and last) of the graduate
  • The school’s name
  • The graduation date, including the graduation year, in bold and big font
  • Parents’ names
  • Details of the degree achieved by the student
  • A small personal message

Some people even add motivational quotes to their graduation announcements. Students can also add details like extra-curricular achievements or future career plans on the back of their graduation announcement cards.

Graduation Announcements and Invitations Etiquette 

Navigating through graduation announcement etiquette is not too difficult. Just find reliable sellers of these customizable cards. Plan and design in advance. Create a mailing list in advance as well. Three to four weeks before the big day, start sending out your custom announcements and invites. Celebrate your graduation in style!

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